Published: Sat, December 24, 2016
Medical | By Dorothy Lyons

Three-year-old boy finally gets adopted after spending 832 days in foster care

Three-year-old boy finally gets adopted after spending 832 days in foster care

This Dec. 20, 2016 photo released by Dezhianna Brown shows her adopted brother Michael Brown in Phoenix.

Brown was just 18-months-old when he was placed in to care.

Earlier this week, the Montgomery-Brown family attended court so they could formally adopt their son Michael.

"His original case plan was reunification with his "bio-mom", she said.

Tara's daughter, Dae Brown posted a photo on social media.

Tara's daughter tweeted photos from the adoption, and as of Friday, they'd been retweeted more than 55,000 times and liked almost 140,000. "We were his third foster family", she said.

That's when Tara made a decision to adopt Michael herself. She already had other children.

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His adoption was "meant to be", she told ABC News.

He was so excited that he couldn't help but tell the entire courthouse the news - by holding up a chalkboard with the message: "Some things are worth the wait, after 832 days in foster care today I'm adopted". "Everyone says he looks like the girls", Montgomery said.

"It felt like he was a part of our family right from the start", Montgomery said, calling him her "valentine baby". "He is the most loving, smart, amusing and happy kiddo".

"This photo is the definition of his personality", Tara explains.

As for Michael's newfound internet fame, Montgomery is grateful that her son is bringing awareness to adoption.

"I just tweeted, 'We are his forever family.' It just blew up on twitter", says Brown.

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