Published: Mon, January 09, 2017
Culture | By Kelly Harrison

Trump, opponents unusual allies on ethics plan

Trump, opponents unusual allies on ethics plan

While Trump's opponents in the GOP are politely papering over challenges to come, including his immigration schemes and trade-war plans, House Republicans fumbled badly this week on the "reform" of the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Before the first day of the 115th session of Congress was over Tuesday, Republicans held an emergency meeting and voted to end the attempt, at least temporarily, to amend the ethics rules.

At the opening of the new Congress on Tuesday, as she nominated Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to be Speaker of the House, McMorris Rodgers described Republicans' priorities: "Policies that trust people, not the government, to make their own decisions and pursue their own dreams".

Full repeal would return the health system to the days when a pre-existing condition was grounds for denying insurance coverage. If social media can be used as a tool to unite the government, then why not?

Because it was a secret vote, we had to rely on the representatives to tell us how they voted. "But they're disputing the (office) process and the concerns are strong enough that it almost prompted a significant structural change", he said. First, it's a reminder once again of the mediocre caliber of too numerous men and women running for the House and Senate these days.

But, as happened far too often in recent years, the leaders were unable to make good on that pledge. Numerous people who wind up taking the bit and running are soulless empty suits, in it for the power and the payoffs during and after tenure. "We will own this thing", the member said, "and there will be consequences".

She chairs the Republican Party caucus, known as the House Republican Conference. After all, there is little serious vetting in most House elections.

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Both ideas have been supported by Republicans in Congress for a while, and the REINS Act has passed the House three times - in the 112, 113 and 114 Congresses.

In politics, Victory Disease comes when a majority believes their position is so secure and immune from challenge that they forget the lessons of the past and can't imagine an outcome that isn't in their favor.

Incoming Utah House Minority Whip Joel Briscoe, D-Salt Lake City, joked about agreeing with Trump despite being a member of the national Democratic Coalition Against Trump. It reminded all of America that - even in the age of Trump - political gravity still exists, and an outraged public can still force Congress to turn on a dime.

The office is charged with investigating complaints against House members and their aides and has publicly released the results of its probes, even over the objection of the ethics committee.

For starters, Conway said, the office would "cut down on the overzealousness" the Office of Congressional Ethics has displayed in investigating "consumer complaints". This week, we got a vigorous, healthy and inspiring reminder that protest matters.

Commentary by Jake Novak, senior columnist.

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