Published: Wed, January 18, 2017
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Archaeologists unearth jewellery likely removed by Nazi gas chamber victims

Archaeologists unearth jewellery likely removed by Nazi gas chamber victims

Records show that Frank owned a almost identical pendant, differing only in the date of birth engraved on one side.

Using Yad Vashem's deportation database, researchers linked the pendant to a girl named Karoline Cohn, who was born on July 3, 1929, and deported from Frankfurt on November 11, 1941, when she was 12 years old.

Both Anne Frank and Karoline Cohn were born in Frankfurt, and researchers are investigating a possible familial connection.

It is inscribed with the words Mazal Tov on one side and the Hebrew symbol for God and the stars of David on the other.

Archaeologists working at the former Nazi extermination camp Sobibór, have uncovered personal items which they believe were removed by Holocaust victims before they were sent to the gas chambers, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum announced Sunday.

Although open only a little more than a year ― from March 1942 until October 1943 ― more than 165,000 Jews died there.

The pendant appears identical to one belonging to Anne Frank
The pendant appears identical to one belonging to Anne Frank

Researchers believe that Cohn and Anne Frank most likely knew each other and that either Cohn or a person she passed it to dropped the pendant as they walked the "Pathway to Heaven", which was the path that holocaust victims walked to get to the gas chambers. He said there is a Cohn branch on the Frank family tree, but it does not appear to be same Cohn family. "The items found here, bottles or dentures - all these things, even the most shocking among them - tell us the story of what happened in the camp", Haimi said.

Recent archeological digs in Sobibór in Poland unearthed numerous personal belongings of Holocaust victims who died at the notorious camp.

Researchers also located a watch not far from where the pendant was discovered.

'In spite of attempts by the Nazis and their collaborators to erase traces of their crimes, as well as the effects of forestation and time, we enhance our understanding of the history previously known to us only through survivor testimonies, ' said Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Yoram Haimi.

A pendant found at a Nazi-occupied concentration camp in Poland belonged to a girl experts believe may have been related to Anne Frank.

Sobibór was one of several Nazi death camps ― places where Jews were sent specifically to be exterminated. Researchers state that these items play an important role in keeping the stories of the holocaust alive.

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