Published: Wed, January 18, 2017
Research | By Elizabeth Houston

Betsy DeVos: Caring and Skilled Leader

Betsy DeVos: Caring and Skilled Leader

That's why it is so disappointing to see President-elect Trump's choice of Betsy DeVos to head the U.S. Department of Education.

Her biography on the Trump Transition Team website says DeVos "has spent decades advocating for school choice reforms and helping underserved children gain access to quality education".

"The choice of Betsy DeVos to spearhead education reform is inspired", writes Bush.

Teachers unions accuse DeVos of an agenda to siphon off funds from already-struggling public schools. "She knows that in order to ensure the next generation of Americans can compete and lead the world, we have to have an education system in which doors are open to continual improvement".

Charter school leader Eva Moskowitz threw her support behind Donald Trump's education secretary pick on Tuesday, arguing that the nation's foundering public school system requires a systemic overhaul. The child is returned to the public school.

DeVos also highlights a need to "embrace new pathways of learning", supporting vocational and trade schools and community colleges.

"An all-voucher or all-school choice system would be a shock to the educational system, but the shake out might be just what the system needs", Warren wrote in a book she co-authored with her daughter, Amelia Tyagi.

According to the plan he announced last September, the goal would to allow parents to use federal and state dollars to enroll their children "in the local public, private, charter or magnet school that is best for them".

To Harden, DeVos's confirmation as Secretary as Education would continue a troubling trend of abrupt school closures and lack of oversight in Michigan's for-profit charters.

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Let's redouble our efforts to tell the story of public education - from the challenges we face to the incredible drive and determination school employees show every day.

DeVos' hearing was pushed back about a week under pressure from Democrats, who said she hadn't completed ethics disclosures on how she will handle potential conflicts of interest. Civil rights groups have said they're deeply concerned that she will dismantle the civil rights protections gay and transgender students have finally won. DeVos is an advocate of charter schools, school voucher programs, and tax credits for businesses that give private scholarships.

"I don't think Betsy DeVos understands public education at all, or what we do as educators or what we do at all", Murray said.

Ann Duplessis, president of the Louisiana Federation for Children, which is part of DeVos' group, said the nominee "has really dedicated her life, and her money, to working with underserved minority students, kids".

There is no doubt in my mind the leadership she has demonstrated in smaller settings can be directly transferred to heading an organization as large and vast as the U.S. Department of Education.

Both major teachers unions are opposed to DeVos.

According to Philanthropy magazine in spring 2013, DeVos serves as chairman of the Windquest Group-a privately held, multi-company operating group that invests in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy-which she founded with her husband in 1989.

For more of Jennifer Lynn's conversation with Kevin McCorry about Betsy DeVos, press play at the top of the page. I am horrified that students are learning all the wrong lessons from our president-elect and his Education secretary nominee - that they should not respect difference, that they must not be different, that their education and personal safety is threatened for speaking out.

Her efforts have been laser-focused on undermining our public schools and, in doing so, have harmed students.

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