Published: Wed, January 25, 2017
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Sen. Cassidy: ACA alternative would let states keep Obamacare

Sen. Cassidy: ACA alternative would let states keep Obamacare

And the senators said Monday that they're hopeful that that last provision will give them a chance to win over Democratic senators, whom Congress will need to pass any new health care legislation. One distinct possibility is for the government to find new ways to grant exemptions from the law's unpopular requirement that people who remain uninsured pay fines, if deemed able to afford coverage.

"I'm pleased to see a growing consensus among members of both the Senate and the House that we must fix the ACA and provide reforms at almost the same time that we repeal the law in order to protect families who rely on the program and to give insurers time to transition to a new marketplace that is based on more choices for consumers", Collins said.

Both issues are considered pre-existing conditions.

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Volk adds that coverage under another plan might "buy down" the waiting period, with certain restrictions. She called the executive order "irresponsible".

"It's got some elements of per-capita caps and block grants, and I just worry that, knowing that we have an aging population and some growing health care needs among people with disabilities, and obviously we have this bad opioid and heroin crisis, I just think we need to look very carefully at these types of proposals", he said.

Reed has acknowledged he favors some of the more popular aspects of the laws, such as children being on their parents' policies until age 26, coverage for pre-existing conditions and no lifetime cap.

Reed said the president meant to send a message for health care market stabilization - providers and insurers - going forward in a stable manner.

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Though the future of the Affordable Care Act remains uncertain, those looking to enroll in plans for 2017 have until January 31 to get their paperwork submitted.

We are a compassionate country and even those without health insurance receive care.

The Patient Freedom Act offers states three choices. Get a serious illness requiring extended hospitalizations, repeated surgeries, or expensive medications, and you could wind up going bankrupt.

I happen to know for a fact that she's hearing some stiff opposition because I and my co-editor here at Blog for Iowa Dave Bradley, met with one of her staffers about our concerns about losing the ACA, Medicare, and Social Security. Partly as a result, abortion rates fell to their lowest rate since 1973, when the procedure became legal in every state.

He went without coverage for a short time, but eventually signed up for a health plan available on the ACA marketplace.

If Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act without a replacement that contains protections that apply to your situation, you might think twice about changing jobs and risking loss of coverage. But you likely wouldn't know all that by looking at most states' proposed budgets. After the Medicaid expansion repeal takes effect (two years after the bill's passage), that number would increase to 27 million Americans.

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