Published: Thu, January 26, 2017
Research | By Elizabeth Houston

Elon Musk plans to start digging tunnels to beat traffic

Elon Musk plans to start digging tunnels to beat traffic

Musk left followers scratching their heads late previous year, when he suggested on Twitter that he had become so frustrated by traffic congestion in Los Angeles that he would address the issue by drilling tunnels. Musk was back to talking tunnels Wednesday, when he tweeted that he's planning "to start digging in a month or so".

You're probably thinking that he's just kidding, again.

A Musk spokesperson was not immediately available to comment. That's a technical term for direct cortical interface, and it's something that the SpaceX and Tesla CEO takes very seriously, in case you thought he might just be having a laugh. While the idea sounds something like a joke, given Musk's somewhat dry sense of humor, he does answer in the affirmative when asked if he's serious or not. From there Musk would be on the freeway and a convenient 5 minutes from LAX airport. While it's unclear if Amazon will actually follow on the plans, Musk isn't the only billionaire with tunnels on his mind. For someone like Musk-who likely frequents the airport for regular visits to and from Silicon Valley's Tesla HQ-that uncertainty is not an option. We're already a cyborg, I mean you have a digital or partial version of yourself in the form of your emails and your social media and all the things that you do and you have basically superpowers with your computer and your phone and the applications that are there.

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It appears that, for now, Musk is going to dig a tunnel to cut down on his travel time between SpaceX and LAX. Such an endeavor sounds insane and extremely expensive compared to the benefit of getting Musk to work a bit faster - not to mention the mountain of paperwork and permits it probably requires.

Last December, Musk sprang the idea of digging tunnels on an unsuspecting world.

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