Published: Fri, February 03, 2017
Finance | By Laverne Griffith

Border Wall Will Be Finished in Two Years: Secretary Kelly

Border Wall Will Be Finished in Two Years: Secretary Kelly

But they insisted that all court orders were followed over the weekend, rebutted reports that some legal residents were denied access to attorneys at airports and said they everyone detained by border agents was treated with "dignity and respect".

Kelly, who will oversee the wall's planning and construction, said that the Trump administration officials "already have the authority" under existing law to start the project.

Trump's campaign vow to make Mexicans pay for the wall has caused a diplomatic row and sparked patriotic fervor south of the border.

"The wall will be built where it's needed first, and then it will be filled in", Kelly told Fox News' Catherine Herridge and Matthew Dean in an exclusive interview Wednesday, his first as DHS secretary.

"I am pleased to be working with Secretary Kelly on solving our border challenges and am encouraged by the attention the federal government is giving this serious issue", said Governor Abbott.

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Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed Kelly's optimism in an interview Thursday with Fox & Friends. This came shortly after Nieto cancelled a meeting with Trump that was to begin the following day in Washington, DC.

While it may be an ambitious schedule, unlike his predecessors, Secretary Kelly will not have to fight the executive branch in order to secure the border. I think that's great. Trump is not loved by everyone in America'.

Kelly also recalled getting a call from now White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus about the Homeland Security gig.

He told ABC News: "I'm telling you there will be a payment". "And a relatively small number right now are being held up for a period of time until we can take a look at what their procedures are", he said, seeming to acknowledge that mostly Muslims have been affected by the ban. "I think that alone would act as a huge deterrent for people who are considering making the trip up", he concluded.

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