Published: Fri, February 03, 2017
Culture | By Kelly Harrison

The Big-League Fail That Was Trump Discussing Black History Month

The Big-League Fail That Was Trump Discussing Black History Month

Seems easy enough, however, our current president may have just gotten that one wrong. "She is a very good person and she's been helpful right from the beginning with the campaign and I appreciate it, I really do". The most recent case of astonishment came when Trump made what some deem to be confusing remarks about respected abolitionist and author Frederick Douglass.

To continue the history lesson, Douglass escaped slavery in 1838 by boarding a train north with false identity papers.

It was a more polished version of a line he tried on the campaign trail in MI - one that got him into trouble with some African-Americans.

President Trump's first order of buisness for Black History Month: himself. According to TMZ's source in the now-taken down article, an anonymous "senior administration official", Trump determined that "Black History Month" was outdated "after meeting with African American leaders".

"Well I think there was contributions", Spicer said.

Over at Late Night with Seth Meyers, writer Amber Ruffin literally read between the lines of Trump's Tuesday speech, which mostly dealt with some petty grievances.

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Have I turned into Bill Murray from Groundhog Day? .

"Last month, we celebrated the life of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose incredible example is unique in American history", Trump said. Trump called it fake news, and said "the statue is cherished".

President Donald Trump has reportedly changed the name of Black History Month. Right, Ben? And you understand, nobody's gonna be better than Ben.

On the other hand, it noted, "he mentions him in the same breath as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman, as one of the 'black Americans who made America what it is today.' Presumably, he knows that those other people are dead". And it was never even touched. "Big impact. I'm proud to honor this heritage and will be honoring it more and more", he said.

Pool reports indicate that Trump valiantly attempted to stick to his talking points, discussing issues affecting inner cites, violence in Chicago ("If they're not gonna solve the problem. then we're gonna solve the problem for 'em", he warned), and the purportedly unsung legacy of Frederick Douglass.

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