Published: Wed, February 15, 2017
World Media | By Joan Schultz

Adolf Hitler's doppelgänger spotted in AUSTRIA near the Nazi leader's birthplace

Adolf Hitler's doppelgänger spotted in AUSTRIA near the Nazi leader's birthplace

He had recently moved to the town of 17,000 inhabitants on the German border and also had been spotted in Vienna and Graz, police spokesman David Furtner told the BBC.

The man, who claimed his name was Harald Hitler was arrested Monday on charges of glorifying the Nazi era, the BBC reported.

He was detained in Hitler's birthplace, Braunau am Inn, after being spotted outside the house where Hitler was born, and then looking through magazines about World War Two in a local bookshop.

It is a criminal offence in Austria to glorify Adolf Hitler or the Nazis. Prosecutors have confirmed the report.

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The unidentified 25-year-old refers to himself as "Harald Hitler" and sports a Hitler-style hairstyle with a side parting, uniform and a moustache.

"Public glorification of the personality of Adolf Hitler is punishable in any case", Alois Ebner, a spokesperson of the local police department, said, as cited by the Austrian APA news agency.

Austria's parliament voted in December to buy the three-storey house where Hitler was born, which the government has rented since 1972 to control how it is used. In October, the authorities announced their plans to demolish the house to prevent neo-Nazis from visiting the site to pay homage to the Nazi dictator.

During Nazi rule, the house was transformed into a shrine to Hitler as the town drew in a wave of tourists.

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