Published: Sat, February 18, 2017
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High school kids right to protest DeVos

High school kids right to protest DeVos

As with numerous events that have taken place since President Trump was sworn into office, his choice for Secretary of Education was controversial. DeVos, a wealthy Republican operative and champion of charter and private schools, was confirmed for the job by the narrowest possible margin earlier this month amid fierce opposition from labor unions who said she was hostile to public schools. Betsy DeVos, a Republican businesswoman and philanthropist, has received much backlash from educators all over the country. "I would bet that none of them even know who the last one was".

With an alternative to public schools, parents can choose to send their children to schools that won't indoctrinate their children with "values" that are contrary to their own.

Yet, as soon as these kids step out to participate in the world - taking part in democracy by non-violently voicing their worries over something that directly affects them as students now in the USA education system - they are met by furious adults who just want them to remain silent. The message: Betsy DeVos is a threat to the institution of she now heads, and Idaho's young people should have a say in safeguarding their right to education.

She and others in the movement are trying to bring school choice to all kids - particularly disadvantaged and minority students. But they are themselves public schools that largely escape the hindrance of teachers unions and have innovative approaches that have often paid off greatly. He cast his tie-breaking vote in favor of DeVos to officially confirm her as Secretary of Education.

One conservative cartoonist tried to make DeVos seem like the a victim in this scenario, but in doing so probably made the worst comparison in the history of historic figures. Both the president and the secretary believe in advocating for technical schools, which they deem better-suited than four-year colleges for both employment preparation and student debt reduction. Public schools in cities already struggle to get the funds they need, and many Democrat Senators expressed concern that students who attend such schools may not get the education they deserve. "We have to defend those rights".

Now, she wishes she'd said "absolutely".

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Lets compare and contrast: Bridges was six years-old when she began to attend William Frantz Elementary school as its only African-American student, and had to endure the racist chants from protestors when she entered and exited the school doors.

School choice is a complicated issue.

Some of the counter-demonstrations were on the wild side. The counter-protester was followed by a swarm of people, who repeatedly attempted to block his sign. Usually, the secretary of education is a banal assignment within an administration.

This is not the first time Rockwell's painting has been used in a political cartoon. While McCoy has been the artist behind some popular comics - such as The Duplex and The Flying McCoys newspaper strips - his most recognizable work was perhaps done as a storyboard artist on the set of Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, and Minions.

Ultimately, however, the students and their supporters outlasted the detractors and the critics, having spent nearly two hours on the Capitol Steps chanting and standing in solidarity. "I can't think of any now", she replied.

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