Published: Wed, February 22, 2017
Sport | By Noel Norman

F1 2017: This is what Formula One will look like next season

F1 2017: This is what Formula One will look like next season

It will powered by a year-old Ferrari engine, which is expected to put the team at a disadvantage, especially as the season progresses and the 2017 power unit evolve.

Sauber is the first F1 team to officially unveil their weapon for this year's competition.

The C36 provides the first indicators of how teams will approach the significant rule modifications introduced this year focused on developing faster, more dramatic cars.

The vehicle looks superficially similar to the one used in 2016 but features the delta-shaped front wing, the lower, wider rear wing and bigger tyres.

"The cars are becoming wider again, from 1.80 to 2 meters, the tires are 25 % wider, the front and rear wings are becoming wider as well, plus the diffuser is being enlarged".

Sauber say that the changes made mean more downforce, more grip and, as a...

"Basically, big teams also have an advantage when it comes to major changes in the regulations".

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"The width of the front tyres has increased from 245 to 305 mm, that of the rear tyres from 325 to 405 mm".

In an interview, Zander talked about Sauber's latest Formula 1 vehicle.

"We put greater emphasis on aerodynamic stability as opposed to maximising downforce", said Technical Director, Jorg Zander, of the vehicle. This will enable the vehicle to generate more downforce.

Sauber's brand new model includes numerous design features experts predicted ahead of racing under the new regulations, including a tail fin - painted black in Sauber's case - and a new shape on the front and wings.

The C36-Ferrari will be the vehicle that will be driven in this season by the Swedish Marcus Ericsson and German Pascal Wehrlein, who replaces the Brazilian Felipe Nasr in the team of Hinwil. In 2017, the Ferrari powertrain in the Abu Dhabi 2016 configuration will be used initially together with the C36.

Referring to the 2016-spec engine, he described it as "a tried and tested system with higher durability to begin with".

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