Published: Fri, February 24, 2017
Finance | By Laverne Griffith

San Francisco is fourth most congested city in the world, says study

San Francisco is fourth most congested city in the world, says study

It also had the worst congestion among rich, developed economies, with drivers there spending an average of 42 hours per year fighting slow traffic.

Miamians spent 65 hours in traffic and had an overall congestion rate of 8.7 percent in 2016. Lost productivity and fuel cost San Francisco drivers $1,996, and the city more than $2.5 billion in 2016.

Drivers in Los Angeles spent 104 hours a year ago staring at the bumper of the vehicle in front, according to a study by transportation analytics firm Inrix, making them the longest-suffering road users in the world when it comes to congestion.

Being stuck in traffic cost the average US driver $1,400 a year ago and almost $300 billion for all drivers nationwide, Inrix said.

And the time spent going nowhere costs the economy an estimated £30billion a year. At the top of the list is that beacon of automotive paradise, Los Angeles.

Only a year earlier, in 2015, Bangkok was the 30th most congested city in the world.

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Los Angeles was the world's most gridlocked city, while Thailand was named the most congested country. "Using big data and technology to improve operations of existing roadways offers a more immediate impact on traffic flows and mobility while transportation officials explore strategic capital investments". The figure is calculated by measuring extra travel time during peak hours against situations in which there is no congestion.

Aberdeen eclipses even London at peak hours and was the hardest city to get in to or out of with drivers stuck in gridlock for 24% of the time, moving at an average speed of 5.5 mph.

Manchester, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Edinburgh were the other most congested United Kingdom cities.

The UK is ranked as the third most congested country in Europe - after Russian Federation and Turkey - and the 11th most gridlocked overall.

An economic analysis was performed to estimate the total cost to the average driver in a city, and a total cost to the city population. Worst corridors are limited to those that have the highest traffic volume and are ranked by the average hours of delay per driver in 2016. LAist added: "In America, residents of Parkersburg, West Virginia, have it the best - only 3 hours lost to traffic past year".

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