Published: Fri, February 24, 2017
Research | By Elizabeth Houston

SpaceX Tried (And Failed) To Dock Its Cargo Pod On The ISS

Furthermore, in one of her statements reported by Space, Jessica Jenson, the Dragon mission manager at SpaceX, has described the mission as a super-exciting day. It's estimated that lightning flashes around 45 times per second on Earth, so the sensor will have plenty of work in its mission.

However, as cool as the Flacon 9 landing was, the launchpad used by the Falcon 9 is something even more special.

An abort was triggered by onboard computers on Dragon at 3:25 a.m. EST (0825 GMT) after recognizing an incorrect value in data about the location of the space station. The approach was aborted, and the Dragon backed away. Last September, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded on its launch pad while carrying its commercial payload of satellites.

Musk hopes to use SpaceX to reduce space transportation costs and enable the colonization of Mars. SpaceX said the problem is well understood and can be fixed before Thursday morning's delivery attempt.

NASA's Space Station Advisory Committee has serious concerns about the company's safety standards however, and suggested that SpaceX review its policies even before the explosion.

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The launch of a Dragon spacecraft by SpaceX CRS-10 is the first from Pad 39-A after the space shuttle flight ended on July 8, 2011.

A SpaceX capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station Thursday morning, NASA said. Everything was going well with the mission until the Global Positioning System issue.

Yet another arrival is expected early Friday, when a Russian Progress robotic cargo ship is due to deliver another 5,400 pounds of supplies to the station.

It's a busy traffic week at the International Space Station.

In December, Russia lost a load of station supplies shortly after liftoff.

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