Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
Research | By Elizabeth Houston

Unidentified sea creature washes up on Philippines beach

Unidentified sea creature washes up on Philippines beach

The report claims other weird sea life has been washing up on beaches since Sunday's quake. The creepy beast measured 20 feet long and, as it sat on the shoreline, became the subject of many selfies, photographs and videos. A year ago in December, a huge mass washed up ashore in New Zealand. Five more oarfish were found on the northern coast of Mindanao in the days following.

This, however, hasn't stopped people from clicking pictures with it or speculating about it.

National Geographic reports that the elusive fish has made several appearances in recent weeks in the Philippines. The oarfish is rarely seen due to its usually deep residence of up to 1,000 meters under the ocean. Something is making them come off the ocean floor and up to the surface.

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This time, it really does appear to be one hulking creature, with Sufenia Chua from the Cagdianao Municipal Agriculture Office telling Charmane Awitan from local news station ABS-CBN News, the carcass is likely to be of a sea cow (or dugong). This has people wondering if these sea creatures really can predict an quake or a tremor?

Benfield, on the other hand, is more skeptical about the connection between earthquakes and oarfish, telling National Geographic that oarfish don't live near the ocean floor where seismic activity would emanate from, and if the hypothesis were true, other species would be affected too.

The Daily Mail reports locals say the mysterious beast appeared after a recent natural disaster. According to the post, oarfish have often been called "earthquake predictors because the tend to wash up before and after tremors", which is what happened recently.

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