Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
Medical | By Dorothy Lyons

Does eating soy increase breast cancer risk? Study casts doubt on link

Does eating soy increase breast cancer risk? Study casts doubt on link

A previous study, revealed that 12,000 women could fend off breast cancer in the United Kingdom every year if they didn't touch alcohol.

Each woman's diet was given an inflammatory score, using a method that links diet with inflammatory markers in the blood, and the women were then divided into 5 groups based on their score.

"We found a strong link between the Mediterranean diet and reduced oestrogen-receptor negative breast cancer risk among post-menopausal women". It was revealed at the end of the research that women who consumed high proportions of isoflavones were at a lesser risk of succumbing to death by 21 percent, when compared to women who took in low amounts of the same. But she warned that women must be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer and contact their GP with any concerns.

The new findings were published in the journal of the American Cancer Society, Cancer.

Overall, researchers found dietary soy intake to be safe, and noticed a correlation between high soy consumption and a decrease in the mortality risk for some breast cancer patients.

The researchers say the benefits of a Mediterranean diet on reducing the risk of cancer may be explained by its high amounts of fibre, antioxidants and vitamins and its ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

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Researchers studied women who, as high schoolers, had consumed diets thought to increase levels of inflammation in the body. However, previous studies suggested that the intake of soy products enables the escalation of breast cancer in women.

"For women with hormone receptor-negative breast cancer, soy food products may potentially have a protective effect", she said. No associations were found for women with hormone-receptor-positive tumors and for women who received endocrine therapy. An adolescent and early adulthood dietary pattern associated with inflammation and the incidence of breast cancer.

A popular diet could actually limit your risk of developing a deadly form of breast cancer, a recent study found.

However, a new study may now settle the controversy, as researchers from Tufts University in MA investigate the link between a dietary intake of isoflavones and breast cancer mortality.

In conclusion, the researchers found that if everyone stuck to the diet, about one-third of ER-negative breast cancer incidences (ER-negative breast cancer, a deadly type of cancer, can be more hard to treat), could be avoided.

"Our findings suggest that survival may be better in patients with a higher consumption of isoflavones".

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