Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
Technology | By Ramiro Moody

Google acquires world's largest data scientist community Kaggle

At the event, Google also announced its acquisition of Kaggle, a company that has cultivated a large community of data scientists and machine learning specialists. The API was built using Google's TensorFlow framework and has been applied to YouTube. Rumour has it that Google will acquire Kaggle, one of the largest communities of data scientists around.

Google now has the power to search through videos and recognize objects using machine learning, the company revealed at its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco.

Google announced big names, such as HSBC, Colgate-Palmolive, the Home Depot, SAP, Disney, Verizon and Ebay as customers, most of who have large data sets to the tune of billions of records.

Rackspace will provide the customer support for clients that select Google as their cloud services provider. The amalgamation of Google's expertise with the operational data of SAP customer systems together with the machine learning capabilities of SAP HANA will offer revenue drive, new insights, and productivity improvements to users. Now a private beta, the API uses deep learning models to provide information about content, enabling, for example, searches for content about baseball or dogs. It runs atop the Google Compute Engine. Meanwhile, developers can leverage HANA and HANA Express to build the next generation of applications on the Google cloud. This essentially means that users will now be able to search for videos by typing in specific situations.

The API by Google will aid in searches for nouns as it will return when an object appears in a video. In another demo, the presenter searched for "beach" and was presented with multiple videos that included beach scenes.

Pep Guardiola Slams Door on Joe Hart's Potential Return to Manchester City
Despite proclamations from the club that it wants him to stay, Aguero said he has yet to receive such assurances in person. Guardiola and City have stated they want the Argentine to stay at the club, but the striker says they've not told him this.

Justin Thomas makes LONG hole-in-one to tie WGC-Mexico lead
The Englishman's 65 moved him to six under par. "I hit it a little straighter today and then really just stayed aggressive".

Uber uses a dubiously legal technology called 'Greyball' to avoid the law
The app typically displays the location of drivers on screen, which would then be used by the sting operating to identify cars. If all else failed, The Times reports, Uber employees searched users on social media to determine their identities.

"What these businesses are learning, however, is that different workloads require different platforms across public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers", added Rhodes.

Starting with the Natural Language API, Nelson said they were able to label message with tags such as "Feedback" or "Positive".

Meanwhile, Google will continue to be focusing on its Business Apps as a key selling point for the cloud.

Big data is so important powerful nation states will fight over it, was the message from Alphabet's Eric Schmidt this week. "This is an incredibly serious mission - something I've wanted to do since I started at the company 17 years ago".

The company's first change is that sales training and product development credits will be made available for all products, across its G Suite, GCP, Maps, Devices and Education products, so partners are no longer limited by offering.

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