Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
National | By Traci Kelley

Showdown at the White House: Cummings & Trump Meet

Showdown at the White House: Cummings & Trump Meet

During a press conference last month, Trump suggested Cummings was slow walking the scheduling of the meeting under political pressure.

After a public exchange of words about the meeting, there was doubt about whether it would occur.

Cummings said Trump "was clearly aware of the problem and he made it clear to us that he wanted to do something about it". Cummings rejected that claim and said he'd be happy to meet with the president.

Cummings and Welch, a senior Democrat on the House Oversight Committee and the Committee on Energy and Commerce, said Medicare pays higher prices for drugs than other government programs because it does not negotiate.

The two House members met with Trump at the White House for about an hour Wednesday.

And, Welch said, "the price is starting to kill us, we just can't afford it".

"This meeting was first talked about when I ran into the president at his inaugural luncheon", Cummings said.

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On the subject of voting, Cummings continued, "I told him I thought that voter fraud was all but non-existent".

Chaffetz and Cummings sent a similar letter on Wednesday to 55 federal agencies requesting information on policies and training procedures regarding the Federal Records Act.

On Tuesday, as House Republicans were working to consolidate support for their health care replacement plan, Trump tweeted, "I am working on a new system where there will be competition in the Drug Industry". Cummings and Sanders are writing a bill that would strike the non-interference clause in Medicare Part D, and direct CMS to negotiate lower prices and establish a. On the campaign trail in January 2016, he reportedly told a crowd in New Hampshire that Medicare could "save a billion" a year by getting discounts, as the biggest buyer of prescription drugs.

In a statement, Cummings said Trump "committed to reviewing our proposal", adding that the president "seemed enthusiastic about the idea".

"We are seeing astronomical increases in some drug prices, sometimes more than 1,000 percent", Miller said. He later met at the White House with the heads of some of the world's largest drug manufacturers.

Welch noted that the president has publicly supported efforts to lower drug prices.

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