Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Culture | By Kelly Harrison

Netflix Added a Skip Intro Button and Users Are Ecstatic

Netflix Added a Skip Intro Button and Users Are Ecstatic

The total time saver button is now live, however, only for web-browsers.

In fact some users have reported being able to access the feature already when using Netflix on their laptops. Joining its busy projects is a new button that will allow viewers to easily skip the intros for certain shows, getting straight to the meat of the content. Netflix confirmed it is testing the button following reports of its existence.

It was users who began seeing the Skip Intro button appearing on their computer screen.

Most Netflix users have griped about having to continuously watch the intro of each episode while binge watching a series or manually fast forwarding - and Netflix seems to have heard their cry. According to Business Insider, it is now available on House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Iron Fist, Mad Men and The Office.

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Between adding offline downloads and a skip intro button, there's not much left on the Netflix Wish List. While open sequences are great for setting the tone of the show, it can become very repetitive when you're watching something like eight to 20 episodes in a day.

'We're finding these clusters of people and then we're figuring out who is like you, who enjoys these kinds of things, and then we're mixing and matching those, ' Mr Yellin said.

Either way, you can bet it'll be a feature plenty of Netflix subscribers utilize in the future.

This week, the 5-star rating system was removed from the service in exchange for a "thumbs up- thumbs down" rating. The new system should be more straightforward, enabling members to tell the company what type of titles they did and didn't enjoy. What do you think of Netflix's other upcoming changes? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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