Published: Thu, March 23, 2017
Technology | By Ramiro Moody

Google Maps will now remember where you've parked your vehicle

Google Maps will now remember where you've parked your vehicle

Google Maps' New Feature: Yay or Nay?

Google has announced new features for Google Maps, including some that make it easier to share your location with contacts, which could spur privacy concerns.

Google says that the update will let people share their location in the Google Maps app by either accessing its side menu or by just tapping on the blue dot in the map, which is supposed to show where you are now located. The search giant wants that to be just as easy and, as long as you're cool with it, you can now use Google Maps to share your real-time location with whoever you choose, and for however long you want. With it, users can share their trip progress with a friend or family member and they will be able to keep track of when you're set to arrive. But this "Google now" service was not meeting the requirements when you are traveling through taxi or any other vehicle.

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But Greenwood points out that location sharing between friends is already happening inside of other apps, like messaging, so having the extra capability inside Maps shouldn't be much different.

The new features also do not at this time integrate with Assistant, the voice and text-enabled virtual assistant platform on Google Home and Google's Pixel phone. The feature shall work in both Android and iOS. This joins "see places near you", "report blue dot issues" and the dreaded "calibrate blue dot compass" in terms of options.

User can also use the feature to allow authorized people to follow them if they are making a trip to specified destination. Also, the company routinely reaches out to advocacy groups before releasing products such as location sharing. Tap a contact, and you're location will be shared with them.

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