Published: Fri, March 24, 2017
Finance | By Laverne Griffith

People Aren't Happy That Dunkin' Donuts Is Eliminating the Coffee Coolatta

People Aren't Happy That Dunkin' Donuts Is Eliminating the Coffee Coolatta

The introduction of the Frozen Dunkin' Coffee seems to signal that the company is shifting its focus onto a more coffee-focused frozen beverage and away from the dessert-like Coolatta - a large Caramel Coffee Coolatta with cream contains 990 calories, 138 grams of sugar, and 47 grams of fat. Like the Coolatta, the frozen coffee is still a calorie bomb, though. A 32-ounce large with cream has 840 calories and 123 grams of sugar, while the large skim version has 550 calories and 125 grams of sugar.

"We talked to consumers, and this is the profile they're really looking for in a frozen coffee beverage", Miller said after yesterday's unveiling at Dunkin's Canton headquarters.

And a few are considering something truly drastic after the Coolatta news - going to the enemy for coffee.

In a move that has Americans across the nation devastated, Dunkin' Donuts announced the coffee chain plans to do some spring cleaning with its menu and will bid farewell to Coffee Coolattas this summer. Last summer, the chain launched cold brew coffee, something that Dunkin' says helped "democratize" the drink. To that effect, the chain started serving cold brew coffee last summer and is now serving nitro cold brew in five locations with plans to roll it out in more stores soon.

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"Coolattas are a platform we've had for years", Paul Racicot, Dunkin's director of culinary innovation, said in response to the drink being discontinued.

Fuqua told a media gathering earlier this week that the reason for the Coffee Coolatta's retirement is that it "isn't good enough".

"We have to continue to innovate against coffee, because of its importance to us as a business", said Anthony Bonitatibus, a brand marketing manager at Dunkin'.

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