Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Technology | By Ramiro Moody

Ford recalls 440000 vehicles for engine fire risk

Ford recalls 440000 vehicles for engine fire risk

The whole cluster of 'em covers almost 500,000 vehicles across North America.

Affected models include the 2014 Ford Escape, 2014-2015 Ford Fiesta ST, 2013-2014 Ford Fusion and the 2013-2015 Ford Transit Connect with a 1.6 liter GTDI engine.

The issue relates to the cooling system.

Ford said it will mail customers instructions from the owner's manual on how to check and refill coolant.

In the affected vehicles, a lack of coolant circulation could cause an engine to overheat, resulting in a crack in the cylinder head. Oil could leak through the crack possibly catching fire, if it comes in contact with a hot surface.

At least vehicle 29 fires in the United States and Canada have been reported, but Ford said it is not aware of any injuries.

In the first recall, Ford says an internal investigation found that approximately 230,756 vehicles have a risk of under-hood fires.

Ford now doesn't have service kits available and told customers to continue to drive their vehicles.

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Ford's second recall expands on an earlier recall involving door latches.

The company is also recalling 211,000 2014 Fiesta and 2013 and 2014 Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles. A door that isn't properly shut could become a big ol' safety hazard in the event of a collision.

Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

The fix is rather easy.

According to the carmaker, the pawl spring tab in the side door latch could break.

Finally, the automaker said it is recalling about 548 2017 Ford F-450 and F-550 trucks to replace the driveshaft. If you already subscribe, thank you. Above 75 miles per hour, the trucks' powertrain may resonate at a certain frequency that could stress the transmission or drivetrain to the point where parts may crack or otherwise become damaged.

The Fix: Dealers will replace the two-piece driveshaft with a three-piece driveshaft with two carrier bearings at no charge to the customer. The door may suddenly open while driving, rebound while closing, or be hard to close. Ford said it had not recorded any crashes or injuries connected to the defect.

Ford will resolve the problem by repairing the windshield header.

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