Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Research | By Elizabeth Houston

Uber pulls out of Denmark citing toughening cab standards

Uber pulls out of Denmark citing toughening cab standards

Uber announced in a press conference they will close in Denmark on April 18.

Uber has been facing issues since it launched the app in Denmark in November 2014. Uber has said some 2,000 people are "active drivers" in Denmark and some 300,000 people have downloaded the app. "Therefore we have made a decision to close", Agerbo said. "We will work hard and push the government for a new law that will enable hundreds of thousands of Danes to again enjoy the benefits of Uber", the company said.

Uber is closing its operation in Denmark, after it said new rules due to come into force in the country will make its operation "untenable".

But Uber spokesman Kristian Agerbo said the proposed law was "going in the wrong direction". Is it an unlicensed taxi service?

A capital requirement for obtaining a transport license has also been introduced by the new law, which amounts to a minimum of €5,300 (40,000 Dkr) for the first auto and half that sum for any other cars.

Pulling out of Denmark is big news and it seems money can't always buy you love....

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Originally, Uber was determined to weather this new law by arguing that Uber considers itself as a private carpooling system rather than a taxi company.

The new law requires mandatory fare meters in cabs and seat occupancy detectors to activate the airbags.

Uber said it would retain a corporate presence in the Scandinavian country, where its engineers will continue to work on developing technology for the ride-sharing service worldwide.

Olsen's opposite number in the Conservative People's Party, which also forms part of the coalition government, also said that the move was unfortunate for Denmark.

The brakes have been applied to the U.S. online cab-booking company Uber in Denmark. "The fact is that Uber will neither be legitimate today or in the future", commented the director of the Danish Taxi Council, Trine Wollenberg.

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