Published: Fri, March 31, 2017
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'Bathroom bill' could cost North Carolina more NCAA events

'Bathroom bill' could cost North Carolina more NCAA events

A Senate committee voted Thursday to repeal a controversial bill that restricted which bathrooms transgender people could use in North Carolina.

"For over a year now, House Bill 2 has been a dark cloud hanging over our great state". It has stained our reputation.

Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin said the repeal bill was a "disaster" which only "doubles down on discrimination" of LGBT people in the state.

The three-part proposal would repeal the law known as House Bill 2.

The law, signed by the previous Republican governor and often referred to as HB2, stated that in schools and government buildings transgender people had to use restrooms corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate.

The new law also makes more explicit than before that state legislators will make the rules on using bathrooms - not agencies, municipalities or universities. An AP analysis this week found that HB2 already will cost the state more than $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years.

The Democratic governor signed the bill Thursday despite criticisms from the transgender rights community.

Nor was it immediately clear whether organizations that opposed the outgoing bathroom law - such as the NCAA - would be satisfied and consider restoring events and other ventures in the state.

The pair said a statement will be released later with details of the forthcoming bill.

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"This is not a repeal of HB2". "The NCAA gave North Carolina an opportunity to undo the damage of HB2 and they failed to do so".

Cooper was elected in November on a platform that called for repeal of HB2, which enacted under the man he defeated, Republican Gov.

In a statement, Cooper said the bill is "not a flawless deal" but begins "to fix our reputation". According to several civil rights groups, it's the same old discrimination in a new package.

"Perhaps it would be appropriate if we would commemorate the passage of this bill by inviting the governor to come down to the building today and lowering those two flags [the USA and North Carolina flags outside the Legislative Building] and putting up in their place a flag of a certain intercollegiate athletic association and a white flag", said Rep. Bert Jones, R-Rockingham.

Rep. Henry Michaux Jr., D-Durham, stressed he wanted House Republicans to acknowledge their need for Democratic support to repeal HB142, saying how some of those members tend to marginalize Democrats at other times. "That was a law that also banned any city, town, or county in the state of Colorado from protecting gay or bisexual people from discrimination".

In basketball-crazed North Carolina, the withdrawal of NCAA games and the National Basketball Association All-Star game that had been awarded to Charlotte reverberated throughout the state.

The two votes brought together unusual bedfellows of legislators in support of, or opposition to, the HB2 repeal initiative. And it stipulates that local governments can't pass their own anti-discrimination laws until December 2020. Phil Berger and House of Representatives Speaker Tim Moore. It also bars localities from setting a minimum wage higher than the state's, and until Friday's change, revoked the right for employees to sue for discrimination in state court.

The backroom proposal is being pushed as lawmakers face a deadline tomorrow to repeal HB2 or risk losing out on bids for NCAA championship games through 2022 - a decision that will further compound the economic harm HB2 continues to inflict on the state. "But it won't be an instant transformation of image".

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