Published: Thu, April 06, 2017
Technology | By Ramiro Moody

Israeli party moves election because of Britney Spears concert

Israeli party moves election because of Britney Spears concert

As of today, she has almost 40 million Facebook fans, 51.9 million Twitter followers and 15.8 million Instagram followers.

A Britney Spears concert is a big enough deal to delay the Democratic process in Israel.

In the election, if no candidate passes the 40 percent threshold, a runoff is scheduled for July 13.

Although the party didn't mention Britney by name, a statement put out did say: 'The election date was delayed by one day due to the fact that there is a major event at Yarkon Park on July 3, 2017'.

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The site reports that the decision was made in order to "make it easier" for party members to reach polling stations. The election committee of the political party chose to delay the election by one day so that it would not fall on the same day as the concert. They fear that it will be too hard to provide security for two important events at once.

Everyone knows that Spears hires extra security guards for her performance.

If you're surprised-come on, folks, it's Britney's first non-U.S. tour since 2011.

On July 3rd, Miss American Dream will perform in Tel Aviv for her large Israeli fan base. The eight people running for the Labor Party's chairperson don't matter because they all just lost to Britney Spears.

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