Published: Fri, April 07, 2017
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Louis CK excoriates Donald Trump in 'Late Show' appearance

Louis CK excoriates Donald Trump in 'Late Show' appearance

For the second appearance in a row C.K. was wearing a suit.

Then, Colbert singled out one seemingly random fan as a Trump voter, causing respond, "He lied to him". Louis didn't expect his words to become front page news, but he doesn't regret his fiery diatribe against the candidate.

Colbert, of course, couldn't help himself, and continued by pointing out that earlier that day, President Donald Trump had come to O'Reilly's defense - or as he vividly put it, "Trump stuck his, let's say 'finger, ' into O'Reilly's sticky situation". In an interview with Colbert, C.K. said, "He's just a gross, crook, dirty, rotten, lying sack of s***". "It was amusing for a little while".

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"Then you have a lying sack of s--", C.K. said, referring to Trump. That's somebody who just they just lie, they like it, he likes it. "Somebody who lies sometimes", he began. Do you think they saw the s- coming? He also said that even though he loved former President Barack Obama, he also took a number of decisions that the country should not be proud of. "Then you have a liar - nearly like a problem; they can't help it, they lie a lot". "But he's just a lying sack of shit".

The comedian then told Colbert how he thinks differently about Trump since that email past year. He likes it. He goes, 'It wasn't even true.

"Look if you voted, that's the guy he lied to", he said.

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