Published: Sat, April 08, 2017
World Media | By Joan Schultz

Jared Kushner omits some foreign contacts on security form

Jared Kushner omits some foreign contacts on security form

"There's a big fight [going on]", said a thirdsenior official.

Kushner's initial mistake, one knowledgeable source said, was due to the transition's effort to get the forms done quickly.

David Urban - Washington advisory firm American Continental Group, and a former chief of staff to the late Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and helped Trump win an upset victory in Pennsylvania, is also being considered.

The administration has "already shaken things up", Trump said.

One of the names being floated to replace Priebus: Gary Cohn, of course, the former Goldman president turned National Economic Council chairman turned Kushner ally whom Bannon's allies disdain as one of the "Democrats" from NY. But it's not just who is being replaced that will cause a firestorm, but who is being considered for their replacements.

It all comes as the President has begun openly questioning the makeup of his senior staff as he looks for a win that could reboot his presidency.

It is well known that the administration staff is at war with itself.

In US Senate clashes over Trump Supreme Court pick
While stopping a filibuster requires 60 votes, once the filibuster stops, the vote requires a simple majority. Democrats were "hurtling toward the abyss", he said, "and trying to take the Senate with them".

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Misbah, 42, said a Test series against India would have completed his cricket career. You don't get everything you ask for", he said.

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The head of the OAS, Luis Almagro, has called for Venezuela to be expelled from the group, which would further isolate Maduro. Opposition activists said armed pro-government gangs joined the fray and opened fire.

And when the White House released a photo of Trump being briefed after the strikes, Twitter was quick to notice that Bannon didn't have a seat at the table. Kushner, meanwhile, appears ascendent, even as Trump continues to go to both men for advice.

"We are not making any staff changes and our team is focused on the President's agenda, not false palace intrigue stories", a White House official told The Hill.

But his standing in Trump's inner-circle has been diminished. The most noteworthy foreign contact, or course, was the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. The Daily Beast reports that Bannon calls Kushner a "cuck" and a "globalist" behind his back.

"Steve thinks Jared is worse than a Democrat, basically", another official close to Bannon said, according to the report. It seemed that their odd alliance would continue in the White House. One Trump confidant predicted: "Bannon will likely be gone soon".

President Trump has never taken accountability before, so one shouldn't expect him to start now. Mike Flynn, Mr Trump's first national security advisor, stepped down after it was revealed that he misled the vice president regarding his conversations with Mr Kislyak.

Trump has apologized for the comments he made in the tape, which he dismissed as "locker room talk". The official also said Bannon was there to "de-operationalize" the NSC, an apparent jab at Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice. Apparently Bannon and Kushner disagree about nearly everything. Trump became unhappy with disagreements among his top aides, the outlet added.

But Bannon has received additional negative press in recent days. On Thursday, Axios Presented ByYoyodyne described Jared, Ivanka, and economic adviser Gary Cohn as "squirreling away territory in its push to takeover Trumpland".

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