Published: Wed, April 12, 2017
World Media | By Joan Schultz

Extra Enforcement April 10-23 To Combat Distracted Driving

Extra Enforcement April 10-23 To Combat Distracted Driving

Tennessee Highway Patrol launches campaign against distracted driving.

Tennessee Highway Patrol kicked off its "Thumbs Down" campaign with sheriff's deputies and police officers boarding a bus at the Tennessee Highway Safety Office.

"The call itself is not against the law, it is the fact that the driver was not devoting full attention to the road", Greer said.

Gleason says 4.6 seconds is the average time a distracted driver has his/her eyes off the road when texting or looking at texts. "We have seen all of that". Next week, April 6-10, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is promoting a campaign for the awareness of distracted driving.

As of the implementation of Assembly Bill 1785 in January, Californians can no longer hold their cell phones in their hand while driving, but can still swipe or tap phones to activate or deactivate a feature if the phone is mounted.

Gambler tied to Phil Mickelson convicted of insider trading
Davis, who was Walters's friend, business partner and golfing pal of more than 20 years, was the government's star witness. Securities and Exchange Commission said he made by trading in Dean Foods stock.

GST Bills in Rajya Sabha today
The Opposition in all likelihood bring some amendments and force voting on them as it did in case of the finance bill last week. He said the harsh provisions related to the recovery of tax should not be implemented during the transition phase of the GST.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to Debut at 2017 New York Auto Show
If the weekly teases are to be referred to, the Demon seems likely to run on a V8 engine that can develop more than 800hp. The higher a fuel's octane number, the more compression it can withstand without detonating.

Police issued a total of 22 tickets, including eight for texting in about 45 minutes Monday on roadways including Interstate 40, Germantown Parkway and Stage roads.

Redman says research finds even 70-year-olds are allowing themselves to get distracted while driving, sometimes texting on their cell phones and running traffic lights.

"Now there are even more temptations, like making a Facebook Live video, sending a Snapchat, all the social media use that's on the rise so people are more tempted than ever to reach for their phones behind the wheel", said Elizabeth Carey, Public Affairs Manager for AAA. If you drive distracted, you risk your life and the lives of everyone around you.

A ticket for a first offense of distracted driving is $20, which will be $162 after fees, and a second offense if $50, equating to $285 after fees.

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