Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
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Indian Ship Hijacked in Somalia Freed, But 9 Crew Members Missing

Indian Ship Hijacked in Somalia Freed, But 9 Crew Members Missing

Ransom Fears for Abducted Crew Members Taken From Hijacked Vessel SOMALIA - YEMEN - With reports of Somali forces recovering the Indian-owned commercial vessel, the Al Kausar and two of her crew following her seizure earlier this month, news comes of an yet another attack, this time thwarted by worldwide counter-piracy naval forces operating in the Gulf of Aden.

As an illustration, on Sunday a Chinese navy vessel and an Indian Navy helicopter thwarted a hijacking of the bulker OS 35 off the coast of Yemen.

After receiving the "all clear" from the helicopter that no pirates were visible, the crew emerged from the safe room, searched the ship and discovered that the pirates had fled during the night.

The Indian Navy also played a part in the rescue operation, giving Chinese special forces helicopter cover while they boarded the hijacked Tuvaluan ship.

When questioned about the absence of any reference to the Indian Navy's role in the operation, Hua said China's Ministry of Defence should be approached for details.

The Indian ship was carrying cargo including wheat and sugar from Dubai via Yemen to Somalia's Bossaso port when it came under attack, owner Isaak Them told AFP.

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The Indian defense ministry said all the 19 Filipino crew of the ship were safe and the captain of the ship thanked the Indian navy for their response and for providing air cover.

April 10: The Chinese navy has claimed full credit for rescuing a Tuvaluan ship hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday by ignoring the assistance provided by the Indian Navy to them. The Al Kausar was seized earlier this month.

The pirates had fled from the ship after warships of India and China moved in.

Somali pirate attacks peaked with 237 in 2012 but then declined steeply after ship owners improved security measures and global naval forces stepped up patrols.

A few days later, they caught a large fishing vessel so that they could use it as a floating base to capture even bigger ships. The Indian ship, Al Kausar was one of three foreign vessels to be hijacked after a five-year lull.

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