Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
Technology | By Ramiro Moody

Hacking group publishes NSA exploits online

The newly leaked NSA files suggest that the agency may have hacked into SWIFT's network via service bureaus, which are firms that provide smaller clients with access points to the SWIFT system.

In addition, he stated that any and all financial services systems that operate Windows are vulnerable to attack, as the NSA's hacking arsenal is now widely available and relatively easy to use for anyone with the requisite skill set.

"Microsoft doesn't credit anyone for the report behind the March patch", tweeted former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Understandingly, customers have expressed concerns around the risk this disclosure potentially creates.

An exploit targeting the SMBv2 protocol, which Microsoft patched this year via MS17-010.

Microsoft, and other companies, regularly receive disclosure reports from security researchers, and nearly always acknowledge their work in a separate note.

Microsoft also issued a blog post on the subject, noting that, as the company worked to verify the exploits, it discovered that nine were already been addressed by previously issued patches.

Criminals stole millions of dollars from Bangladesh's central bank after Swift was targeted by hackers previous year.

That cyberattack was likely the work of the North Korean government, according to the Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab ZAO.

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These exploits have been allegedly used by the NSA to target several banks and the SWIFT banking system.

PARIS (AP) - Up-to-date Microsoft customers are safe from the purported National Security Agency spying tools dumped online, the software company said Saturday, tamping down fears that the digital arsenal was poised to wreak havoc across the internet. SWIFT stated that there was no indication that their main network had been accessed by unauthorized users.

But the organisation said that the local messaging systems of some Swift client banks had been breached.

The US National Security Agency has compromised users of a major worldwide money-transfer system used by some financial institutions and banks in the Middle East and Latin America, a group of hackers says. According to the company, "The EastNets Service Bureau runs on a separate secure network that can not be accessed over the public networks".

The April 14 "Lost in Translation" leak implies that the NSA's elite Equation Group hacking unit had extensive zero-day exploits and other tools to infiltrate Windows systems and that the agency was inside banking systems, particularly in the Middle East.

The documents posted by the Shadow Brokers include Excel files listing computers on a service bureau network, user names, passwords and other data, Suiche said. He said he concluded that the NSA took advantage and got in that way.

"Shadow Brokers" has previously released leaked malware which it attempted to sell for tens of millions of dollars.

On Twitter, Mr Snowden described it as the "Mother Of All Exploits" - a reference to a bomb recently used by the United States military in Afghanistan.

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