Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Research | By Elizabeth Houston

Google plans to launch its own ad-blocker in Chrome

Google plans to launch its own ad-blocker in Chrome

In the report, the WSJ says that "according to people familiar with the company's plans" Google is looking to build an ad-blocker into both the mobile and desktop versions of Chrome which would block "bad" ads as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads. The term "unacceptable" in the ad standards referred to pop-up ads, autoplay videos, and "prestitial" ads.

It is said that Google's approach would focus on unacceptable ad types that violate the recently-released list of ad standards.

Google developing its own proprietary ad blocker, as a company that, as The Journal rightly points out, made over $60 billion in online ad revenue past year may seem counterintuitive, but Chrome has taken the lead as the most popular browser, holding over 47% of the market (up from 41% in mid-2016). One option includes blocking all advertising on a website if it includes even just one offending ad, which would ensure that website owners keep all forms of advertising up to standard.

Acknowledging the uptake of ad-blocking tool from third-party firms in the past by many, Google is interested in launching its own ad-blocking feature for the defeating the goal. Google has seen the reports that as many as 26% of desktop users have some sort of software to hide advertisements and it doesn't want that number getting any larger. Its closest competitor is Safari with 14 percent and the rest are struggling with single digits. Adsense ads would presumably remain, thus continuing the revenue stream for Google. But that also raises some alarm bells when it comes to Google's consolidation of power in this situation. In those cases, companies like Google may have to pay to get their ads exempted from the filters, something it could do for free with its own solution.

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If implemented correctly, this feature wouldn't just benefit Google.

Almost 25% of USA internet users had an ad blocker in 2016, according to research firm eMarketer. The company declined to comment at this time, but hopefully we'll know more about its plans sooner than later.

According to the sources, Google could launch the feature in a matter of weeks or decide to kill it altogether.

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