Published: Sat, April 22, 2017
Technology | By Ramiro Moody

The next big Windows 10 update is coming this September

The next big Windows 10 update is coming this September

Zeffy has made batch scripts available via GitHub, so that more suspicious users can poke around his code until they're confident enough to run the workaround on their system. The company will update its Office 365 ProPlus suite each time it updates Windows, too. Microsoft's Bernardo Caldas, who is the General Manager for Windows Commercial Marketing, confirmed this schedule in a new blog post on the company's official site. Of note is the fact that this will bring things in line with the Office 365 ProPlus ecosystem, presumably the largest segment of Office 365 business users.

Get ready to receive major Windows updates faster than ever.

You can expect to hear a lot more on Redstone 3 - and perhaps even future releases - at Microsoft's Build conference next month.

This feature can allow the processor to more quickly ramp up performance, and has already delivered a limited speed boost when running select apps, such as Microsoft Edge, on Windows 10 on certain Intel CPUs. The Redmond outfit had previously said the latter would be one of two major updates to Windows 10 this year, the next of which we now know will roll out in five months. The company will target September and March for the releases each year.

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A developer has issued a patch that will enable users of Windows 7 and 8.1 to circumvent Microsoft's ban on machines with the most modern chipsets from receiving critical updates. There is also some changes to the Office 365 system requirements, and starting October 13, 2020, Office 365 ProPlus or Office perpetual in mainstream support will be required to connect to Office 365 services. It's now three months shy of the 2-year mark and Microsoft is not yet at the halfway mark-it notes that there are more than 400 million monthly active devices running Windows 10. But this also helps Microsoft keep up with the competition, offering new feature updates between large release cycles.

Dubbed Power Throttling, this new feature effectively aims to get work done with only a small hit to the battery.

In terms of application compatibility, Microsoft has announced four new investments: Upgrade assessment tools, application compatibility testing, Office 365 ProPlus monitoring services and reporting, tracking and resolving issues.

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