Published: Wed, May 03, 2017
Technology | By Ramiro Moody

First Zelda's Breath Of The Wild DLC Gets Detailed

The DLC is entitled The Master Trials and it contains several fantastic additions.

The Trial of the Sword has a total of 45 rooms.

The Trial of the Sword is going to challenge players like never before. As the name suggests, this new mode boosts the "rank" of enemies and increases the chances of coming across difficult-to-defeat baddies.

One of the best games of 2017 is about to get even better. However, we do know that it will add a "new dungeon", an "original story" and "even more new challenges".

Finally, The Master Trials will let players wear Majora's Mask, Midna's mask, Phantom's gear and of course, Tingle's full outfit, clock and all. Definitely a handy addition to any adventurers inventory.

The DLC is only available with a season pass ($33 NZD).

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Breath Of The Wild has been very successful and Nintendo intends to support the game with DLC.

The first expansion pack for the hit Switch and Wii U game is called The Master Trials, and it will launch this summer. This first pack was originally listed to include a cave of trials, hard mode and a new map feature but it seems that's not all as there are a handful of new treasures to be found as well.

Players will be able to rewind time as well, letting them see where they were at set points during the game, so you can really see just how much of the world you have truly explored. "We are always looking for new ways to provide fun and exciting experiences for our fans". Worse is that Link starts without any equipment or weapons.

Known as The Master Trials, the downloadable content pack is the first of two planned add-ons for Breath of the Wild. On completion, the Master Sword "is awakened", meaning it will permanently be in a glowing powered-up state. Links will have to try and reach these planks to get access to more treasure chests and to battle more enemies. The route taken will be tracked for the player's last 200 hours of play time, with an included slider to track footsteps on a timeline. Anyone who has already put the time into Breath of the Wild will be able to see where they've been. Link's journey is shown as a green line across Hyrule, helping players to identify areas they're yet to explore, or allowing them to retrace their steps to a particularly tricky shrine. The Medallion is located in a chest somewhere on the map. The player can transport to that point at any time. In addition, the Korork Mask will make it easier to find Koroks that are hidden in nearby places.

If you are one of those players and you're hankering for some new content, you'll be pleased to learn that Nintendo has published details of the game's upcoming and first DLC.

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