Published: Mon, May 29, 2017
Sport | By Noel Norman

James passes Jordan, Cavs back in Finals with 135-102 win

It's also the third straight year the two teams have clashed in the finals, with Golden State winning the title in 2015.

The Warriors are stomach-churning scary. The Cavs will return to the NBA Finals to face the Warriors with a win on Thursday. After all, he has slayed behemoths before. The team that had been built into a powerhouse organically with the shrewd draft selections of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green was suddenly a supervillain.

James was mobbed by teammates, embracing him and shouting in his ear, in awe of his accomplishment. So, it's going to be very challenging.

Maybe only Golden State is.

"This is a high-powered team". So whatever they have to do to continue to play at not just a normal level, at an MVP level, that's what I've been on them doctors about, and everybody on that training staff is. "But nobody's going to feel sorry for me". Acting Golden State coach Mike Brown, asked about Cavs coach Tyronn Lue's comment that the Celtics are "harder" to defend that the Warriors, said, "That's his opinion".

On Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers soundly beat the Boston Celtics in Game 5 to finish off the Eastern Conference Finals and get to the main course.

The Warriors subtracted their fifth and sixth best players, but added one of the top three talents in the National Basketball Association.

The edited version of Durant's colorful response to the fan: Prepare to be swept.

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Game 5 allowed the Cavaliers to break numerous records on their way to the Finals once again, now holding the league record with 13 straight victories in closeout games as a franchise in the playoffs lasting from 2009 to now.

Durant, who previously faced James in the 2012 Finals with Golden State, has taken a great team and elevated it to a almost unstoppable level. "Anything Danny (Ainge) and this organization need me to do to help bring even more talent to this city, I'm all for that".

"You adapt to the culture", he said. "We want to go take back a championship, that's just the nature of a competitor and I think that's the mindset of everyone in this organization to go take back what they took from us". "If I'm not scoring the ball, how can I still make an impact on the game?" So, it's the right thing to do. I'm not one of those guys. So it makes it even more hard. Golden State won 73 games, reached the seventh game of the NBA Finals and then let core players such as Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes go to make room for Durant.

They have earned a rubber match with the Warriors, setting up one of the most anticipated NBA Finals in recent memory.

The Finals tip off June 1 at 9 p.m. ET in Oakland on ABC/WatchESPN. James was in a similar situation in Miami wh.

James isn't anxious about point spreads or any odds. "If some kid or a group of kids from the West Coast or the East Coast or the Midwest or the South and everything in between, all around the world can look at me and say, 'Well, I made the extra pass because LeBron made the extra pass, ' or, 'I got a chase-down block and I didn't give up on the play because LeBron didn't give up, ' that would mean the world to me".

These are by far the slimmest odds the Warriors have had to win a series this postseason.

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