Published: Thu, June 01, 2017
National | By Traci Kelley

What Did He Mean? Social Media Tries To Decipher Trump's 'Covfefe' Tweet

An incomprehensible tweet by Donald Trump ignites the WebDonald Trump is a president full of surprises and capable of everything.

"Despite the constant negative press covfefe", read the USA leader's short tweet sent early Wednesday.

Several hours after the fact, Trump capitulated to Twitter's sick burns and deleted his original "covfefe" tweet. Urban Dictionary added the word to its list, defining it as "The act of having a stroke in the middle of writing a social media post", with an example sentence: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe".

And the term "covfefe" became Top Tweet even in the Hexagon.

Everything was under control until the President of the United States, Donald Trump, made a decision to post one midnight-tweet. After scrapping the tweet, Trump encouraged his followers to try to complete his initial thought.

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In January, a few days after Trump took office, I wrote about how the president metabolizes all criticism and conflict surrounding him as entertainment.

Then, around 3.15 p.m. IST, more than five hours after it was posted, the mysterious tweet vanished. That's it. There was no extra information or punchline, just a familiar refrain about the media being unfair and a random typo that has since taken over the internet (it also drove Merriam-Webster insane). "Goes back to bed".

US President Donald Trump hosts an event for military mothers on National Military Spouse Appreciation Day with is wife, first lady Melania Trump, in the East Room of the White Hosue on May 12 in Washington, DC. With Mr. Trump's attack-after-being-attacked philosophy well known, it's notable that President Trump didn't initially respond, as noted by Dawsey's tweet on May 27.

Was it the start of a rant against "negative press coverage" that somehow went awry?

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