Published: Wed, June 07, 2017
World Media | By Joan Schultz

Trump and Clinton revive campaign feud with Twitter jabs

The flashback to the vitriolic 2016 campaign began earlier in the day when Clinton blamed numerous factors for her stunning election loss at Recode's Code Conference.

In November 2016, Clinton won the national popular vote by two percent but lost the electoral college when Trump prevailed in the three Rust Belt states by razor-thin margins.

Clinton then went on to cite all the reasons she lost, including the media coverage of her use of a private email server "like it was Pearl Harbor", when really it was "the biggest "nothing burger" ever", she said.

I set up my campaign and we have our own data operation.

The Fox News Research team totaled up the Clinton excuses and found a whopping 24 items, including James Comey, Russia, misogynists and both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Mrs Clinton was referring to the hacking of her campaign's e-mails, which she has argued was partly to blame for her losing to the real estate mogul. "I had to inject money into it. the DNC, to keep it going". "But it doesn't help the party win races", the aide said. She alleged that some people who had an insight into American voters guided the Russians about how and when to release fake news reports. She described these people as irredeemable, "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic - you name it". "The Russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counter-intel people I've talked to, could not have known how best to weaponise that information unless they had been guided".

Fox News Finds Itself in Third Place Looking Up at MSNBC, CNN
Keep in mind, a year ago Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly were posting blockbuster numbers at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. for Fox News . Rounding out the top five were MSNBC , with 1.8 million viewers; ESPN, with 1.7 million; and CNN , with 1.4 million.

No end to climate action even if United States withdraws
The business community has largely backed the climate deal, which has been signed by every nation except Syria and Nicaragua. Sky's US Correspondent Amanda Walker said: "His daughter Ivanka Trump has been trying to encourage him to stay in the deal".

US crude stockpiles slump as refining surges to record high
US crude production has also continued to increase, rising to 9.34 million bbl/d, up almost 500,000 bbl/d from a year-ago. That has kept prices under pressure, rather than raising them, as OPEC hoped.

Speaking in front of an audience of about 1,000, Clinton did not hold back on her thoughts about her former rival's administration.

"I think she has a right to analyse what happened, but we do have to move on".

Despite her loss, the associate said, she was pleased to leave the party without a debt "and she turned over her email list and her data, something that Bernie Sanders did not do and has not done". She claimed that WikiLeaks rushed to publish hacked John Podesta emails in an effort to distract public attention from the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump was recorded bragging about "grabby women by the p***y".

Later, in response to a question from a reporter from the Mashable website, Clinton said social media platforms should play a larger role in monitoring the content on their sites and preventing false information from gaining traction and spreading online.

"It was a vast right-wing conspiracy".

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