Published: Thu, June 08, 2017
World Media | By Joan Schultz

U.S. spy agencies probe another flank in Russian hacking

"If your goal is to disrupt an election, you don´t need to pick the victor or actually tamper with tally result", said Matt Blaze, a University of Pennsylvania computer science professor who has written on the security of voting machines.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell CBS News homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues that more US state election databases have been hacked than previously thought.

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office designed its own software and does not contract with VR Systems.

"Our focus was really to make sure that the election process was not undermined, because here's the thing: Whatever else was a subject of debate about motive, we knew, and everyone agreed, that one of the goals that Russian Federation had in all of this was to undermine confidence in our democratic process, to sow discord, to sow confusion", Monaco said.

Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections attorney Ron Labasky says even with the intrusion, hackers never got access to ballots or voting software.

Before the election, Rice University computer science professor Dan Wallach told MIT Technology Review that poorly secured voter registration databases were the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the USA voting system, since many states put them online.

VR Systems says it was alerted to the danger by a client, and the company advised its clients not to open the suspect email.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied widely made allegations by US officials that Russia was involved in efforts to game the election.

Sanders said in initial checks, elections officials haven't discovered any evidence that employees received an email with the infected Word document, and they've discovered no irregularities in their data.

The county has contracted with Hart InterCivic since 2013 to provide e-poll book technology, which Sanders said is used on election day to check voter registration statuses and voter history. Elections are run by counties in the United States.

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"I just thought it was some scam", Lewis said Tuesday.

"The great thing about Florida in 2016 was we have used, since 2008, paper ballots and you can not hack a paper ballot", Corley said.

An FBI spokeswoman said the bureau and the Department of Homeland Security hosted a conference call with Florida state officials to address questions regarding the security of election systems and to share information regarding the general nature of the cyberthreat.

"We'd like to make sure we go that extra step to make sure the voters in our community are confident in their votes", she said.

In Floyd County, VR Systems supports electronic pollbooks, which is how voters sign in.

Floyd County is one of six IN counties that uses VR Systems, according to a report by the Indianapolis Star.

"But I didn't know that it was a vendor that was contracted with Hart and part of a system we had in place", Sanders said.

The the complaint says victor mailed the intelligence reporting to an online news outlet a few days later. CBS News confirmed the authenticity of the report Monday after the five page document was published by "The Intercept".

If convicted, victor may be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

The criminal complaint alleges that victor, who had worked as a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation since February, printed out and took classified intelligence reporting from an intelligence community agency. First, I want to remind you that contrary to the headline of numerous published reports, there has not been a verified report of any "hacking of United States voting system".

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