Published: Sat, July 22, 2017
Medical | By Dorothy Lyons

For 1st time, over half of people with HIV taking AIDS drugs

For 1st time, over half of people with HIV taking AIDS drugs

According to a UNAIDS new report, for the first time the scales have tipped: more than half of all people living with HIV (53%) now have access to HIV treatment and AIDS related deaths and AIDS related deaths have nearly halved since 2005.In 2016, 19.5 million of the 36.7 million people living with HIV had access to treatment, and AIDS-related deaths have fallen from 1.9 million 2005 to 1 million in 2016.

Oussama Tawil, the new country director of UNAIDS Myanmar, said that "a massive scale-up in HIV treatment" and a "decentralization of services" to prevent HIV, even in remote areas through government-run clinics, contributed to a large decline in AIDS-related deaths in the country.

According to the report, there has been trial of one new HIV vaccine efficacy trial, while another would hold this year. Two million people living with HIV is too high a number.

In its latest global report on the pandemic, which has killed around 35 million people worldwide, the UNAIDS agency said a record 19.5 million of the 36.5 million people who are HIV-positive are on treatment.

New HIV infections have fallen by 26pc since 2010, and there were an estimated 11,000 new infections in 2016, according to UNAIDS.

More than half of HIV-infected people are now on life-saving treatment. Since 2010, there has been a dip in AIDS-related deaths by 42% and new infection cases by 29%, including 56% decline in new infection in children over that period.

A new report from the United Nations shows promising progress in treating the global HIV/AIDS crisis, but some experts worry President Donald Trump's policy proposals might turn the trend right back around.

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The report shows that in 2016 more than two thirds (70%) of people living with HIV now know their HIV status.

More than half of people in the world are now under treatment, and the number of new HIV infections has continued to decline, but at a pace still too slow, according to these data, released before the opening Sunday in Paris an global conference of aids research. Of those who know their status 77% were accessing treatment, and 82% of those accessing treatment were virally suppressed.

This analysis contributed to a national HIV prevention "road map" that defines evidence-informed biomedical and structural interventions and targets them to specific populations and geographical zones. These 10 countries itself accounted for more than 95% of the total new HIV infections in the region in 2016.

The report also points out that only 43% of children infected with HIV have access to antiretrovirals, compared with 54% of adults.

Young people, who are at particular risk of HIV, are also falling behind - on knowledge of HIV, on HIV testing, and on treatment and prevention.

UNAIDS said globally there has been significant progress, but "there is still more work to do".

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