Published: Tue, July 25, 2017
World Media | By Joan Schultz

Gov. Rauner calls school-funding special session

Gov. Rauner calls school-funding special session

You may remember that Governor Bruce Rauner demanded that lawmakers send him a bill by noon on Monday. which did not happen.

He said in a statement, "I'd Like to have a conversation with Governor Rauner in hopes of getting some clarity as to exactly what is going on".

Mayor Emanuel said Governor Rauner has failed IL by holding the state budget hostage for things that weren't necessary.

Governor Rauner wants the legislature back in town Wednesday for special session to tackle the issue. SB1 would see CPS receive its tier funding, 2018 pension pickup funding and its block grant, while Rauner's plan removes the block grant funding and spreads the money to schools throughout the state. "We slowed down the process in the Senate in order to let everyone blow off some steam, politically speaking". But threatened with a veto, the Senate never sent Rauner that legislation, prompting the governor's call for special session.

No matter what, something must be done to move IL to an evidence-based model of funding like the intent of SB 1, otherwise no state aid will be disbursed to schools - rendering many unable to open in the fall. Separately, we can, we can do it this summer or some other time - fix the pension problem in Chicago and around the state.

SB 1 sponsor, Senator Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, is also asking the governor to meet with leaders instead of calling a special session.

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"The Democrats want to create and manufacture a school-funding crisis", said Durkin, who appeared with Rauner in Chicago.

Rauner has vowed to excise the Chicago pension payment from the measure.

The Republican governor has said he wants to use his amendatory veto powers to make changes because the plan unfairly benefits Chicago, but he refused to discuss them in detail during a Monday morning news conference ahead of his deadline.

"The right thing to do is get schools open with the appropriate funding".

"I will amendatory veto it, and from there we can discuss the changes that I have made, and we can implement either those or if someone else has another idea that's fine".

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