Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Taylor Swift testifies former DJ groped her under her skirt

Taylor Swift testifies former DJ groped her under her skirt

She says she and Mueller were rudely confronted and escorted out of the arena that evening.

His lawyer, Gabriel McFarland, presented the photo that was taken to jurors. However, Swift's attorney Doug Baldridge argued that the incident did happen and that Mueller was suing for fame and money. I don't need you to grill me about the tiny details of this photograph.

"What Mr Mueller did, like I said, was very intentional and the location was very intentional, and it happened very quickly", she said.

Taking the stand on Wednesday, Bell said he asked the broadcaster to investigate the encounter but had not requested that Mueller be fired.

When the groping occurred, Taylor was standing in between Mueller and his girlfriend for a photo. Mueller claims Swift's team is the reason why he lost his job.

In 2015 Mueller, filed a lawsuit against Swift for defamation, claiming that his termination from the station was unlawful and harmed his future job prospects.

The former radio host's team said that Mueller did not grope Swift; if anything, she might have felt the usual "jostling" for a photo, they said. She says she and Mueller started out as co-workers at country station KYGO and became romantically involved in February 2013.

Taylor Swift fans, from left, Grace Jarecke, Lucy Peterson and Dani Kuta display their numbers, which allow them into Denver Federal Court for the trial.

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Dent, a large man with a deep voice, testified that he was positioned off to Swift's side during the meet-and-greet, and he watched Mueller and his then-girlfriend Shannon Melcher enter for a photo. Lena Dunham praised her "fierce" testimony. But he insists he was touching Swift in her ribs, not her rear, as she alleges in the groping case.

She testified guard Greg Dent saw David Mueller "lift my skirt" and grab her but that it was it was impossible for anyone to see Mueller's hand beneath her skirt and on her buttock because they were posing for the photo with their backs to a wall.

"He sexually assaulted her", she said.

Swift took the stand herself on Thursday when she testified that Mueller "stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek as I lurched away from him". She's trying to tell people out there that you can say no when someone puts their hand on you. I didn't want to hurt Ms.

"Gabe, this is a photo of him with his hand up my skirt, with his hand on my ass", Swift said to Mueller's attorney, Gabe McFarland, referring to a photo taken during the meet-and-greet.

Two years later, Mueller sued Swift for $3 million, claiming her allegations were false, and led to a loss of income because he was let go from his job. Swift then countersued for assault and battery, asking for symbolic damages of $1.

Swift was confident and assertive in her testimony.

Taylor Swift fans line up outside the Denver courthouse. "A very long grab", she added in her testimony.

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